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firsts and lasts

Friday, February 5th, 2010

*Ate a heaping plate of “spaghetti” ice cream

*Ate lunch at the Bonn university cafeteria (now I know why I’ve avoided doing so for the past five years)

*Had my banker offer me a glass of beer (went there to try and take care of business during the middle of a Carnival celebration!)

*Ate a slice of German cheese cake

*Got cut off by an Audi driver on the autobahn

eis eis baby

Thursday, July 28th, 2005

While Germans have not gained fame for their tasty ice cream (in Europe, that goes to the Italians and Ben & Jerry’s), they do know how to make it not only taste good but also look cool. There’s Spaghetti Eis where ice cream is put through some contraption to make it look like noodles. A red “sauce” is also added. During a warm moment yesterday, my in-house eis consultant accompanied me to an eis cafe near the university. We chose two of the less outrageous options. They were delicious. The waffle was warm and not too sweet. We ate so much it spoiled our dinner appetite. Yes.